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UGC NET JRF Paper 2 Free Material

Topics Covered: UGC NET Paper 2 Commerce and Management Free Videos and Paper 2 Free Study Material PDFs & Notes 

Aspirants prepare for the exams with all their hearts and minds, and I think it is safe to assume that you have your sights fixed on clearing the UGC NET 2024 Exam.

However, the heavy competition that you are bound to face during the NET 2024 exam easily causes it to be one of the toughest exams in the country today.

The UGC NET exams are basically for those individuals that want to establish their careers in research & academia.

Clearing the UGC NET makes one eligible to apply for the post of assistant professor in his/her respective field.

If someone is able to clear the UGC NET with exceptional scores, he/she gets inducted into the Junior research fellowship program which entitles him/her to research scholarships and other benefits.

So, getting back to the topic at hand, to crack the UGC NET exam or any other exam for that matter would require you to keep in mind something that I have written about in the next lines. So read carefully.

There are two points that will decide whether someone will make it through in their exams or not.

Without UGC NET paper 2 free material which includes free downloadable UGC NET paper 2 management notes and UGC NET commerce paper 2 notes in pdf form, it can be difficult for candidates to understand the syllabus.

A reliable book list apart from these study materials would also form an integral part of the right strategy, so you can directly click on UGC NET Paper 2 booklist which is personally recommended.

Now, before I go over to hand out to you the free UGC NET Paper 2 study material pdf, UGC NET commerce free notes pdfs, and UGC NET management notes free downloaded pdf, let us take a look at the UGC NET exam pattern for paper 2 and the topics that lie therein.

Table of Content – UGC NET Paper 2 Free Material

UGC NET Paper 2 Commerce Free Study Material Videos

S. No.TopicsVideos
1.Business Environment and International BusinessWatch Video
2.Accounting and AuditingWatch Video
3.Business EconomicsWatch Video
4.Business FinanceWatch Video
5.Business Statistics and Research MethodsWatch Video
6.Business Management and
Human Resource Management Methods
Watch Video
7.Banking and Financial InstitutionsWatch Video
8.Marketing ManagementWatch Video
9.Legal Aspects of BusinessWatch Video
10.Income-tax and Corporate Tax PlanningWatch Video

You’ll also find that I have covered all of the aforementioned topics in the free UGC NET paper 2 commerce notes pdf that I have made available for you. 

Before going further, if you haven’t gone through the syllabus for paper 2 yet (which I assumed you would have) you can directly click on UGC NET Paper 2 syllabus.

Toppers of UGC NET JRF Exams

UGC NET Paper 2 Management Free Study Material Videos

S. No.TopicsVideos
1.ManagementWatch Video
2.Organizational BehaviourWatch Video
3.Human Resource ManagementWatch Video
4.Financial StatementsWatch Video
5.Financial ManagementWatch Video
6.Strategic ManagementWatch Video
7.Consumer and Industrial Buying BehaviourWatch Video
8.Statistics for ManagementWatch Video
9.International BusinessWatch Video
10.Entrepreneurship DevelopmentWatch Video

I have covered all of the above topics in the UGC NET Paper 2 Management notes free download pdf.

Before going on to UGC NET Paper 2 study material, if you can check the free study material for Paper 1 that I have provided, if you haven’t checked it.

Free UGC NET Paper 2 Study Material PDFs and Notes:

Aside from these free study materials, you can refer to the Paper 2 mock tests that I have provided for better understanding of the questions that are asked in the exam.


To sum up, I have shared UGC NET free study material for Phase 2 subjects of Commerce and Management, which includes free videos and PDFs to help you comprehensively cover all important topics of the syllabus without going through multiple resources.

I hope the concise study material provided will be helpful in your preparation. I wish you all the best for future 

Be determined and stay focused!! 

CEO of Anujjindal.in

About Anuj Jindal


Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

FAQ: UGC NET JRF Paper 2 Free Material

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    Does free study material also include Books PDF for UGC NET Exam 2024?

    No, the comprehensive free study material for UGC NET 2024 includes notes PDFs and video material on Paper 2 subjects of Commerce and Management.

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    What is the benefit of Free study material?

    Some of the benefits of referring to the free study material for UGC NET Paper 2 of commerce and management subject include –  

    • Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus in systematic manner 
    • Free videos provided for better audio- visual explanation of complex topics  
    • Concise notes given for ensuring effective revision of the topics mentioned in the syllabus within less time. 
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    How can I get commerce and management free study Material?

    You can access the UGC NET Paper 2 free study material on Commerce and Management subject provided in the blog above.

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