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UPSC Free Study Material 2024

Topics Covered: UPSC Civil Services Exam Free Notes, Study Material, and Videos for Prelims Exams & Mains Optional Exams (Commerce & Management)

Preparation for any exam often requires referring to plethora of resources and the case for UPSC Civil service exams (CSE) is no different! 

Having said that, two major points will determine if you’ll make it through the UPSC exams or not. 

The first is your will and determination to succeed, and the second is the right UPSC study material, without which even the most motivated and determined of candidates will fail to crack the exam. 

Now, the first point, of staying motivated and determined is a factor you’ll have to take care of.  

The second point, however, of having high-quality UPSC material to study from is something that you can leave up to me; and that is where I have this very pleasant surprise to give you. 

I have arranged immaculate notes and UPSC study material for the optional subjects of commerce, as well as Management, and also for certain subjects of the Prelims papers. 

All of which you can now avail for absolutely free, at no cost whatsoever. 

Using the free UPSC material that I have arranged for you will give you an idea of what to study & how to study for the various subjects of the UPSC exam, the way to take down notes, and analyse the important points. 

The free UPSC material that I have made available for you includes notes/material for UPSC commerce, UPSC management, and UPSC Prelims topics of Economics, History, and Polity. 

Table of Content – UPSC Free Study Material 

Free UPSC Material for Prelims

If you an aspirant aiming to crack UPSC 2024 exam, then this might be the best place for you as you will get comprehensive free study material to prepare well for the exam.  

For UPSC Prelims exams, you’d need to study extensively for a lot of different subjects. Subjects like History, Geography, Polity, General Science- Physics, Biology, & chemistry, Economics, Environmental Science, and Sociology.

Out of these, I have arranged for free UPSC material for the subjects of History, Geography, and Polity. You can download them from the list given below:

  • History
  • Polity
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Now, with the topic of UPSC material for the Prelims subjects taken care of, let us move over to the topic of study material for the optional subjects of Commerce and Management.

I have decided to focus primarily on commerce and management optionals because I have found that there is almost no good quality for them out there.

Thus, I would be providing you with top-grade study material for these subjects

Free UPSC Material for Mains Commerce Optional

The UPSC Commerce materials that I have arranged for you are not only comprehensive but will also help you get a firm grasp on the topics and subjects falling under the syllabus of Commerce optional papers.

I have divided the UPSC commerce Free material that I have arranged for you according to the topics. Under every commerce topic, there are comprehensive notes, and videos pertaining to it.

You can download them from the list given below:


Free UPSC Material for Mains Management Optional

Like the section above, here too, in this section of the UPSC Mains Management (optional) study material, I have arranged all the material topic-wise. Here too, I have arranged for comprehensive notes and videos pertaining to every Management related topic.

You can download UPSC Management free material from the list given below:



That brings us to the end of this blog article. In it, I have given you the free study materials for Prelims subjects like History, Polity and the Mains optional subjects of Commerce and Management. I hope that these would be helpful to you in your preparations.

That said you can check out the Commerce and Management optional courses that I have designed for you. With that, I bid you farewell and the very best of luck.

CEO of Anujjindal.in

About Anuj Jindal


Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

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FAQs: UPSC Free Study Material

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    Can I Self Study for UPSC? 

    Of course, you can self-study for the UPSC. All that you’d need to do is follow some simple steps. The first step would be to understand the UPSC IAS syllabus properly, and the exam pattern, then your next step would be to draw out a detailed study plan for yourself. The study plan should be according to your personality and nature as an aspirant. After creating the study plan you should get down to business. Start with the first topic, take notes of the same, and revise regularly what you have learned. 

    To prepare you can take help from the various study material available on the internet, some of which I have made available to you for FREE in the blog article, written above. You should also practice on the various Mock tests and previous years’ question papers. To download previous years’ papers of the last 5 years, you can go over to my blog on the same.

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    Which is the best study material for the UPSC IAS exam? 

    Well, the answer to that question of yours is, unfortunately, NONE. There is no ONE study material that is good for the UPSC IAS preparations. As a matter of fact, you’ll have to prepare from a lot of varied sources to study properly for the UPSC IAS exam. My suggestion would be to pick out your study materials topic-wise. Identify all the topics that you think you should focus on, and then look for their study material accordingly. In case you need help with the names of books and material, you can go over to my blog that I’ve written on the topic of UPSC books.

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    Does UPSC provide study material? 

    The UPSC does not provide any study material for the preparation for the IAS exams to candidates. It does however provide links to past year question papers of the IAS exams on its official website. 

    That said, if you are on the lookout for good-quality study material, you can always download some of it for free from the blog I have written above. All you need to do is click on the links on the blog above and voila! You’ll have quality material to study from. 

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    Where can I get free UPSC materials? 

    You can get free UPSC material on the internet, pretty easily, but the real problem that you’d face is while looking for quality FREE material. Anyway, don’t worry, I have you covered on that front. For Good quality FREE UPSC material you can go over to the blog that I have written above and click on the links of the same. You won’t be disappointed. 

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    What all Should a UPSC Aspirant include in their study material? 

    UPSC aspirant should have the right books, according to the subjects listed in the UPSC syllabus. He should make sure that he has ample material to learn everything included in the previous 1 years worth of Current Affairs. He should arrange for authentic notes for the various UPSC topics. Apart from all of the things written above, he shouldn’t forget to arrange for himself the various sets and Past year question papers and UPSC Mock tests. 

    These are about all the UPSC study material that a candidate would be needing to prepare for and crack his UPSC IAS exam. 

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