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Free UPSC Mock Tests 2024: Commerce & Management

Topics Covered: UPSC 2024 Mock Tests for Commerce & Accountancy and Management, Benefits of Mock Tests & Tips on Solving Mock Tests

Free UPSC Commerce Mock Test

Key Highlights:

  • 08 Questions
  • 180 Minutes
  • 250 Marks

Free UPSC Management Mock Test

Key Highlights:

  • 08 Questions
  • 180 Minutes
  • 250 Marks

The frequency of the practice is considered to be one of key factors behind success of any pursuit. 

For prestigious examination like UPSC CSE, challenging is the word that often gets associated to describe its nature.  

Rightly so, since the exam is held to recruit the candidates for various civil services and government posts in the country. 

Therefore, to be in – charge of such supreme duties and responsibilities, the candidates must match the competent level of the exam.  

To prepare for an exam of this magnitude, the aspirants must strategize thoroughly and effectively.  

Along with having discipline and determination, there’s also an essential aspect in the exam preparation, i.e., practicing the UPSC Mock tests rigorously.  

Solving mock tests is considered to be one of main pillars of the preparation strategy to clear UPSC CSE.  

Going through the mock tests several times would help in providing an effective analysis of your performance and familiarize with the nature of the exam.  

If you are one of the many aspirants aiming to clear UPSC CSE 2024, then practicing mock tests can be a game – changer as it offers an insight into answer- writing skills of the candidates and thereby help in improving their performance.   

Hence, in reference to that, let me introduce you to this article where I will be discussing in detail the information related to UPSC Mock tests which include Mock tests for UPSC optional subjects of Commerce and Management and benefits of solving the mock test papers.  

So, without further ado, let’s get started!  

Table of Content – UPSC Mock Tests for Commerce & Management

UPSC Mock Test 2024

Attempting mocks and analyzing them is a significant aspect of any good UPSC exam preparation. Therefore, if you are planning to prepare for UPSC 2024 exam, then practicing mock tests becomes a must. 

While it is important for candidates to know the syllabus for Prelims and Mains extremely well, but it is also crucial for aspirants to ensure successful application of the knowledge for which solving UPSC Mock Tests is an excellent way to do so.  

That said, attempting mock tests is an essential part of the preparation strategy as it helps you prepare actual UPSC exam with a real exam like environment and within the confines of your study room. 

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UPSC Commerce & Accountancy Optional Test Series

Commerce & Accountancy is one of the most famed optional subjects to choose if you have a commerce background.

If it is the case on your part then there’s no reason to contemplate more. Go about with commerce optional. For your impetus, I have designed the commerce optional test series.

Access it now, here.

Benefits of Solving UPSC Commerce Mock Tests


    • Understand the nature of exam better: After solving adequate number of mock tests, you would become better at understanding the nature of the examination, such as the number of questions asked, marks allotted for each question, marking scheme.
    • Familiarize with the type of questions: The commerce and accountancy exam has questions asked from topics mentioned in syllabus such as Accounting, Taxation and Auditing as well as Organization Theory and Relations.   
    • Improves your speed and accuracy: As you consistently practice solving mock tests, it will help you assess your performance in the test- the number of questions attempted correctly, and the time taken to solve. 
    • Assess your strong and weak areas: Analyzing mock tests would also help you identify the topics you have a command over and the topics you need to work on. 
    • Improve your answer writing: Mock tests also provide sample answers along with examples which will guide you on how to formulate and write answers expected by UPSC Exam. 

With this, I hope you got an overall idea about the UPSC Commerce mock tests, it’s time to move on the next section.  

UPSC Management Optional Test Series

Although not as popular as Commerce & Accountancy, each year the management optional gets a dedicated set of takers.

The subject is best suited for all the B-school graduates who are through with the phenomenon known as management.

If you are one of them, then you should definitely take up the UPSC Management Optional Mock Test Series that has been created from my end.

Head over here to get more information.

Assuming that you got my point here, let us take a look at the several benefits of solving UPSC IAS Mock Tests 2024.

Benefits of Solving UPSC Management Mock Tests

    • Know the nature of the exam thoroughly: Solving a good number of mock tests would help you know the nature of the examination comprehensively such as the time duration, number of questions asked, marks allotted for each question, marking scheme.  
    • Understand better the difficulty level of questions:  The management exam has questions asked from topics mentioned in syllabus such as Managerial Function and Process, Financial Management as well as Management Information System as International Business. 
    • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses: Analyzing mock tests would also help you assess the topics you are good at and the topics you need to work on. Therefore, helping you identify your weak and strong areas and improve them. 
    • Assess your speed and accuracy: As you are solving mock tests, it will help you analyze your performance in the test- the number of questions attempted correctly, and the time taken to complete the test.
    • Case – studies and examples to facilitate answer writing: Mock tests also provide case studies and situation-based questions that will help in writing effective answers and familiarize you with the real-life scenarios in the administration field.   

You can check the previous years UPSC cutoff to assess the difficulty level as well as the trends in the cut offs for UPSC examination over the last few years. 

Now, that we are done discussing the UPSC Management Mock tests, let us proceed to the next section.  

Tips on Solving UPSC Mock Tests

There are some tips that candidates must keep in mind in order to effectively solve mock tests and utilize the tests to enhance your preparation level for the UPSC exam, which are as follows: 

  1. Take your Prelims mock papers sincerely, giving 2 hours each for the GS and CSAT papers. While attempting the mock papers for Mains, use the time duration of 3 hours for each paper.  
  2. While solving the UPSC mocks make sure to solve your papers with a calm mind. Therefore, take 15 minutes to illustrate an overall idea for writing answers in the test 
  3. Once you are done with a mock test, analyze the questions along with the answers you have written in the test. That way you’ll be able to identify the concepts that you are weak at. 
  4. After analyzing a mock answer sheet, do not move over to solving another one without first improving your weak points.
  5. After inproving your weak points, go over to solve another mock, and do the same again, that is identify your weak points again. For this, you can take help from a mentor as well.
  6. Keep repeating this process till the very end.
  7. Also, remember to not spend too much time on one question while solving the mocks. Move on to the next question if you are not sure about the answer to the question you are stuck at.
  8. If you follow the process I have mentioned in the above points, you will start noticing improvement in your scores within a short span of time.

Remember, it is highly important to analyse any mock or previous year paper that you attempt. Go over the exam analysis of commerce and management optionals of 2017-2023 UPSC exams.


That concludes the section of the UPSC mock tests. Here everything related to UPSC Commerce & Accountancy and Management optional mock test has been delivered. Go through the blog again to gain additional clarity.

All the best!

CEO of Anujjindal.in

About Anuj Jindal


Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

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FAQs: UPSC Mock Tests for IAS Exam

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    What should be the difficulty level of the IAS mock tests that I should solve/attempt? 

    The difficulty level of the IAS mock tests or the UPSC test series should be a little higher than the actual IAS exam. That is because by solving IAS mock tests of higher difficulty levels, you’d be able to prepare much better for the actual IAS exam. You might even find the actual paper to be easier and may score high marks. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the advantages of attempting IAS mock tests 2024? 

    The advantages of attempting mocks are many, and therefore should not be overlooked. Some of these benefits are as follows: 

    • Better understanding of the exam pattern 
    • Analyzing the difficulty level 
    • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses 
    • Enhancing the answer- writing skills 

    There are several other benefits as well. You can check it out in the article given above. 


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    What is the right time to start with UPSC Mock Test Series? 

    The best time to start with your UPSC Mock test series is right at the beginning of your preparation itself. Even before you have started with your syllabus. Then of course, as the exams come nearer and nearer, you should solve more and more mocks with increasing seriousness, making sure to do so as if solving a real exam.   

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