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JAIIB & CAIIB Books And Mock Tests 

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When it comes to cracking an examination, having a reliable source list is the first and the most significant aspect of its preparation strategy.  

The JAIIB and CAIIB examinations are the banking exams introduced by the IIBF, which offer gateway of early progress for candidates serving as employees in the banking and finance sector.  

For candidates who are hoping to clear this exam, must strategize in a manner which ensures the completion of the syllabus and a conceptual understanding of the topics.  

In reference to this, having a concise yet reliable booklist comes to the rescue. The books for JAIIB and CAIIB will provide help in preparation of the respective exams.  

Apart from the books, attempting mock tests is a notable method to assess your knowledge with respect to the JAIIB and CAIIB examination as it will enlighten you on your grasp over the topics given for the syllabus.  

Therefore, in this section, we will be discussing all the information with regards to JAIIB and CAIIB booklist along with the details of mock tests for both the exams.  

So, let us begin this much–awaited discussion.  

Table of Content – JAIIB & CAIIB Books and Mock Tests

JAIIB and CAIIB Books 

Selecting the right books is very crucial for exam preparation. Referring from a reliable booklist helps the candidates in not only covering the entire syllabus, but also provide an in-depth understanding of the crucial topics.  

Talking about the booklist for JAIIB exam, it is designed to transmit basic knowledge about role of banking and finance sector in day-to-day activities.

An important thing to note here is, that the books for JAIIB exam are provided by the official website of IIBF.  

So, having these JAIIB books will help the candidates cover the syllabus of the exam comprehensively, providing detailed explanations on topics like economic concepts related to banking, functions of banks, accounting principles and processes and retail banking.  

Identical to the approach for JAIIB books, the website of the Insitute has published a list for CAIIB books on their official page.

For candidates preparing for CAIIB exam, these mentioned books on the website provide advanced knowledge required to better decision making in banking operations.  

This extensive booklist for CAIIB will help in thorough understanding of important concepts given in the syllabus such as Human resource management, international banking, management process and important acts and laws related to banking.  

I have mentioned the details regarding JAIIB and CAIIB books in the subsequent sections.  

Before we move on, you can click on the link to know JAIIB educational qualification criteria for the exam.  

JAIIB Booklist 

For candidates to refer to a reliable book list for JAIIB exam 2024, the website of IIBF has published a concise list of JAIIB books that will help the students in covering the syllabus.

As these books are mentioned on the official website of the Institute, the booklist naturally carries weight when it comes to preparation for this exam.  

To help you with the names of these JAIIB books 2024, I have provided below the paper wise booklist as mentioned by the Institute: 

Paper I – Indian Economy and Indian Banking System  

  • Indian Economy and Financial System 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper II – Principles and Practices of Banking 

  •  Principles and Practices of Banking 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper III – Accounting and Financial Management for Bankers  

  • Accounting & Financial Management for Banker 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper IV – Retail Banking and Wealth Management  

  • Retail Banking and Wealth Management 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Referring to the books will prove a lot more beneficial, if you know the important topics from the syllabus. To help you with that, I provided the latest JAIIB syllabus which you can refer to.  

Importance of JAIIB Books 

Selection of right books provides many benefits for the candidates while preparing for the JAIIB exam. Referring to the best books for JAIIB has the following advantages:

  • Coverage of the syllabus: The papers in the JAIIB syllabus contain modules for 4 papers which divide each paper into major topics. The booklist for JAIIB covers all the modules in a comprehensive and detailed manner, thereby help in completion of the syllabus. 
  • Conceptual clarity: In addition to covering the all crucial topics, the detailed explanations provided in these books help candidates gain conceptual understanding of these topics.  
  • Enhancing knowledge base: These books aim at imparting basic knowledge to the candidates regarding the role of financial and banking sector in various services, which will enhance awareness about these topics.  
  • Latest edition: The booklist is updated as per the latest syllabus of the exam. Therefore, the JAIIB books mentioned on the official website are of latest edition.  

To not miss out on necessary details, it will also be beneficial for you to check the simplified step by step process for JAIIB exam apply online.   

CAIIB Booklist 

Talking about books for CAIIB examination, the IIBF has provided a compact yet effective booklist on its official webpage.

In addition to 4 papers for CAIIB syllabus, the candidates must choose a subject for the elective paper.

Therefore, this comprehensive booklist will prove beneficial for candidates to cover the important topics of the syllabus and in the overall preparation.  

To access the books mentioned on the official website, I have provided for you the following paper wise booklist for CAIIB exam: 

I – Compulsory Paper

Paper I – Advanced Bank Management (ABM) 

  • Advanced Bank Management 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper II – Bank Financial Management (BFM) 

  • Bank Financial Management 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper III -Advanced Business and Financial Management (ABFM) 

  • Advanced Business and Financial Management 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Paper IV – Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL). 

  • Banking Regulations & Business Laws 2023 – Macmillan Education 

II – Elective Paper 

Rural Banking 

  • Rural Banking – 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Human Resources Management 

  • Human Resource Management 2023- Macmillan Education 

Information Technology and Digital Banking 

  • Information Techn & Digital Banking 2023 – Macmillan Education  

Risk Management 

  • Risk Management 2023 – Macmillan Education 

Central Banking 

  • Central Banking 2023 – Macmillan Education 
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    Importance of CAIIB Books 

    A reliable booklist is imperative when it comes to preparation for CAIIB 2024 exam, as they will help in not just help in clearing the exam, but also in other aspects which include:

    • Covering the syllabus thoroughly: The syllabus for CAIIB contains 5 papers, each consisting of modules which divide the papers in major sections. The CAIIB books effectively cover all the modules, which help in completing the overall syllabus.  
    • Updated with latest pattern: The CAIIB books recommended on the official website are of the latest edition, i.e., these books are updated according to latest syllabus of the exam. 
    • In depth understanding: These books provide structured and detailed explanations of the topics given in the syllabus which helps candidates in an in-depth understanding of the concepts.  
    • Build awareness: The CAIIB books offer advanced knowledge for the candidates which is necessary for better decision-making pertaining to the sectors of banking and finance. 

    JAIIB and CAIIB Mock Test 

    To assess your preparation for the exam, practicing mock tests is an excellent method to so. Solving mock tests would not just help you in knowing the type of questions but also assist in familiarizing you with your strengths and weaknesses.  

    Therefore, without solving mock tests, you cannot exactly gauge where you stand in terms of your preparation.  

    For JAIIB exam, practicing mock tests would aid you in knowing the nature of the examination, important topics from which the questions are asked such as economic reforms, functions of bank, retail banking, wealth management and so on.  

    After a thorough reading of these topics, attempting the JAIIB mock tests would help in assessing the conceptual understanding of these subjects.  

    Talking about the CAIIB examination, it is slightly advanced compared to JAIIB exam. Therefore, the difficulty level of the exam is also varied.  

    With reference to this, the CAIIB mock tests will provide insights into difficulty level and the pattern of the examination which in turn would help the candidates better their performance for the exam.  

    Benefits of JAIIB Mock Test 

    Solving mock test is an excellent way to know where you are headed to before you sit for the actual exam. There are several factors to JAIIB mock tests being an efficient tool for your exam preparation: 

    • Knowing the exam pattern better: Solving adequate number of JAIIB mock test papers would help you in understanding the nature of exam as you will familiarize with aspects such as marking scheme, total number of questions asked, time duration.
    • Familiarize with type of questions: After practicing JAIIB mock test Papers, you will get acquainted with the difficulty level of the paper and important topics from JAIIB syllabus like Indian economy and financial system, general banking operations, financial management, ethics in banking.  
    • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses: Analysing mock tests also helps in assessment of your strong and weak areas which would require for you to work on accordingly.  
    • Assessment of your speed and accuracy: Along with analysis of academic performance, mock tests also assist in monitoring the speed and accuracy of the candidate while attempting the paper.  
    • Detailed solutions are provided: These mock tests provide solutions with detailed explanation which will help in understanding concepts as well as revise important topics and theories.  
    • Formulated under expert guidance: Based on the latest pattern of the exam, these JAIIB mock test papers are prepared under guidance subject experts and mentors which will assist in preparation for the real exam  

    After reading through these benefits, I am sure you must be wondering about JAIIB salary increments and other perks, don’t worry, you can simply click on the link provided.  

    Benefits of CAIIB Mock Test 

    After covering the syllabus, sitting down and practicing a mock test would help you examine your clarity over the subjects. Apart from the assessment of conceptual clarity, there are other aspects that solving CAIIB mock tests will help you with: 

    • Understanding the nature of exam: Practicing mock tests would help you in getting acquainted with important topics in CAIIB syllabus such as statistics, human resource management, international banking, banking regulations and so on.  
    • Assessment of difficulty level: Solving mock tests for CAIIB is an effective way of analysing the difficulty level of the paper and preparing you for the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. 
    • Performance analysis: Attempting mock tests also helps in the evaluation of your performance as the practice would enlighten you on topics you have an upper hand and the ones you need to improve upon. 
    • Evaluation of accuracy and time taken: The assessment of your performance in mock tests also consists of factors like total time taken in completing the paper and number of questions attempted correctly and thereby assist in upgrading your scores in the test.  
    • Provides explanations for questions: The mock tests also provide detailed explanations for solutions to the questions asked in the test, which will help the candidates in the in- depth understanding of the concepts.  
    • Questions based on latest pattern: Since these mock tests for CAIIB are drafted under the guidance of experts and mentors, the questions are sure to be based according to the updated pattern of the exam. 


    We have now arrived to the conclusion of this section. While it was a lengthy discussion, I hope you find it beneficial for your preparation.

    Till now, I explained in detail the important information with reference to JAIIB and CAIIB booklist along with mock tests for JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

    Now, it is time for me to say a goodbye and wish you all the best for future! 

    Keep learning! 

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    Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

    FAQs: JAIIB & CAIIB Books And Mock Tests 

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      What are the benefits of attempting JAIIB and CAIIB mock test?

      Solving JAIIB and CAIIB mock tests is very essential for the exam preparation. There are several benefits of practicing mock tests and these include: 

      • Better understanding of the exam pattern  
      • Analysis of difficulty level of the exam  
      • Assessment of your strengths and weaknesses 
      • Familiarizing with the type of questions asked 
      • Detailed solutions for the questions are provided 
    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What is the duration of JAIIB and CAIIB Mock Test?

      Ans. The time duration allotted for solving the JAIIB and CAIIB mock test is of 2 hours.  

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      What will be the pattern of the JAIIB and CAIIB Mock tests?

      The pattern for JAIIB mock tests consists of 4 papers, each paper contains 100 questions for a total of 100 marks with time duration of 2 hours allotted to attempt the paper. 

      Whereas for CAIIB mock tests, there is an additional elective paper apart from 4 compulsory papers, which the candidate is required to choose one subject from the given list of subjects. The time duration for all the papers is 2 hours each.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      How many questions will be there in the JAIIB examination?

      There are 4 papers for the JAIIB examination and each paper comprises 100 questions for 100 marks.  

      To know more information about the latest JAIIB exam pattern, you can click on linked page.  

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Is the JAIIB and CAIIB are descriptive examination?

      No. The JAIIB and CAIIB examinations are not descriptive as the questions asked in the exam are objective in nature, provided with multiple choice for each question.  

      However, in case of CAIIB exam, for Paper II – Bank Financial Management, there will be some numerical based questions, for which the candidate will have to enter manually the answer using the virtual keyboard.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Can I get the latest questions in the test series?

      Yes, Since the test series will be based on the updated exam pattern of JAIIB, you can expect the latest questions being asked in the test series.  

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Is there a negative marking in JAIIB and CAIIB Exam 2024?

      No. As per the official information on the website of IIBF, there is no negative marking in JAIIB and CAIIB examination 2024.


    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Where can I attempt the JAIIB and CAIIB online Mock Test?

      You can attempt the online JAIIB and CAIIB mock tests on our official website of Anuj jindal. I have provided the latest mock test according to the updated pattern of JAIIB exam.

    • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
      Why to attempt the JAIIB mock test series?

      Attempting the JAIIB mock test series will help you assess your preparation level as it will familiarize you with the type of questions asked in the exam and provide a better understanding of the exam pattern.  

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