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RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks & Emoluments

Topics Covered: RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks, Emoluments, Salary Allowances, Increments, Pay Scale, Promotions, Salary Slip & In-hand Salary

When I think about underrated government jobs with an exciting work and good pay – RBI Grade B Officer rings a bell! 

If you are targeting government jobs, RBI Grade B 2024 examination is the best entry-level post job in the country. 

As RBI is known to be prestigious institution, it is also looked by many aspirants as it provides a liberal compensation to its employees in the form of RBI Grade B salary.  

The salary that is granted to the selected candidates is inclusive of various perks, allowances which ensures that life is pretty smooth sailing with little less to worry about monetary issues.  

Let me tell you that being a manager at RBI is one such prestigious job. RBI Grade B Officer Salary is a high one but with a high salary package comes greater responsibilities.

Well, that’s because you will be one of the senior officers in the central bank of the country. 

You will get more than enough salary and allowances to have a good life. Believe me, you will get to travel with your family anywhere in the world every 2 years, and RBI will pay for it. 

That said, the RBI Grade B is a dream job and today we will know about the salary and allowances provided by RBI.

To help you know all that you need to understand regarding RBI Grade B salary, I will be discussing comprehensively about this lucrative aspect.  

I have provided below in-depth information that will help you details related to perks, allowances and the salary structure of a RBI Grade B officer.  

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.  

Table of Content – RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks & Emolument

RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks & Emoluments

The salary of an RBI Grade B officer includes various allowances, perks apart from the basic monthly pay.
As per the latest notification, the RBI salary granted to the officers is as follows:  

    • Basic monthly pay: The initial monthly basic pay 2024 of an RBI Grade B Officer is Rs. 55,200/– per month. 
    • Gross monthly salary: While initial gross monthly emoluments (without HRA) are Rs.1,22, 717/- (approximately).  
    • In case accommodation is not provided, 15% of basic pay is granted as HRA to officers.  
    • In hand salary: Including all the perks and allowances, the in –hand salary of an officer is approximately Rs. 1,22,717 per month.  
    • Pay Scale: The latest RBI Grade B Pay Scale is Rs. 55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850 (2) – 86550-3300(4)-99750 (16 years).

Now, the RBI Grade B Officer job is a standout job amongst the most well-known jobs in the public sector of India. 

I say that because, The Central Bank of India, i.e., RBI is exceptionally liberal in paying RBI Grade B Officer Salary and Emoluments for even the smallest of expenses. 

The total cost to the company (CTC package) is around 20-24 lacs in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc. 

Now, let us look at the RBI Grade B officer pay scale, perks, and allowances and understand how much salary you can draw as an RBI Grade B officer. 

RBI Grade B Salary (As per RBI Grade B 2024 Latest Notification)
RBI Grade B Officer Salary (Monthly Basic Pay)Rs. 55,200/- p.m.
Pay ScaleRs. 55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850 (2) - 86550-3300(4)-99750 (16 years)
Monthly Gross EmolumentsRs. 1,22,717/- (approx.) for a new recruited officer

As you keep on working in the organization, your basic pay keeps on increasing as well.

Now let’s discuss the allowances first and then we will talk about all the increments and promotions together.

But before moving forward, I recommend you go through RBI Grade B eligibilty criteria of the exam as you will become aware whether you are suitable to apply for the exam. 

rbi grade b salary slip

RBI Grade B Salary Slip

RBI Grade B Salary Slip is a document that gives a comprehensive picture of all the elements included in the salary.

So, from basic pay to all the allowances to the perks and benefits, salary slip covers each and every factor.  

In this section, I have provided information regarding the salary slip in detail. 

The RBI Grade B Officer’s Salary varies according to the city he/she is posted in. I have provided a sample of salary slip below, for your reference:

RBI Grade B 2022 Salary Slip

RBI Grade B Officer Salary Allowances (Perks)

As far as allowances go, there are a lot of perks provided by RBI in the revised salary, to all the officers, that I have written in a very simple language to help you understand.

Dearness Allowance (DA):

The first is Dearness Allowance. The revised DA is 43% of the basic salary.

House Rent Allowance (HRA):

    • An RBI Grade B Officer is most likely to get a 2/3 BHK home in the city.  
    • The House Rent Allowance of 15% of Basic Pay will be paid, if accommodation is not provided by the Bank.  
    • That said, the HRA is given to the officers who couldn’t get accommodation from RBI because the number of flats is limited.  

Conveyance Allowance (CA):

    • This allowance is provided to the officers to compensate for their daily office travel. 
    • It depends upon the declaration signed by the officers. At the Mumbai centre, the amount is an additional Rs. 14000 in hand. 
    • Note: 30 litres of extra petrol is provided to all those living in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or Bangalore. 

Education Allowance:

    • The fourth one is the Education Allowance. Not all, but selected officers do receive education allowances for their families as well.  
    • The Annual reimbursements of education allowance are up to Rs. 4000/per month. 

Medical Allowance:

This is the fifth one. You get a Medical Allowance of up to Rs. 4000. These allowances are also valid for the dependents of the employees.

Leave Fare Concession Travel (LFC):

Sixth is the LFC. You will get around Rs. 100000 under the LFC allowance. This can be availed once in two years, by the employee and his dependents to go anywhere in the world.

Fuel Allowance:

Seventh is the Fuel Allowance through which, you can claim up to 150 liters of fuel per month.

Maid Allowance:

Ninth is the Maid allowance. You will be offered Rs 3000/- under the maid allowance.

Mobile Allowance:

The tenth is the Mobile Allowance through which you can claim up to Rs 1500/- as a mobile allowance.

Sodexo Coupons:

The eleventh one is Sodexo coupons. RBI will provide you with Sodexo coupons worth Rs. 2000/- which can be spent on food/groceries.

Briefcase Allowance:

The twelfth one is the BA which is drawn by Grade A and B level officers. You can get a Briefcase allowance of up to Rs. 7000/-. They can reimburse the price of the briefcase every three years as well.

Spectacles Allowance:

Talking about the thirteenth one. Well RBI will take care of you. Spectacles allowance of Rs 7000/- can be claimed for either the RBI Grade B officer or the spouse.

Bank Loan Facility:

    • According to an ongoing 7th central pay commission revision, RBI has announced arrangements for loans in a united way.  
    • You can get loans at a very less interest rate for Housing, vehicles, and so on. 


Lastly, there is the Pension. This is a very common thing that every government employee draws after retirement.

I believe that you loved all the allowances. RBI does care about its employees and knows how to take care of them.

Now that you know about the salary, perks & emoluments that are granted after becoming an RBI Grade B officer, you should also check out the work profile of an RBI officer. 


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RBI Grade B Perks & Other Benefits

Apart from the monthly basic pay and allowances, an RBI Grade B officer is also granted additional perks and other benefits. These are as follows: 

    • Accommodation provided by bank (subject to availability)  
    • Reimbursement of expenses for vehicle maintenance used official purposes 
    • Newspaper & telephone charges 
    • Books grant 
    • Allowance for furnishing of residence, (as per eligibility).  
    • Free dispensary facility  
    • Reimbursement of medical expenses for OPD treatment/hospitalization (subject to eligibility) 
    • Interest free festival advance  
    • Leave Travel Allowance  
    • Loans and Advances at concessional rates of interest for Housing, Vehicle, Education, Consumer Articles, Personal Computer, etc. 

RBI Grade B Increments

Let’s jump to the increments given by RBI over the years. I have mentioned the Basic Pay of RBI with the increments in regular time intervals:

  • Initial Basic Pay is Rs. 55,200 p.m. as mentioned above with a yearly increment of Rs.2850 for 9 years.
  • After 9 years, Rs. 80850 is your basic pay and yearly increment of Rs. 2850 for the next two years if you reach the Efficiency Bar (EB)
  • After a total of 11 years, Rs. 86,550 is your basic pay and a yearly increment of Rs. 3300 for the next four years
  • Rs. 99,750 is the Maximum Basic Pay after 16 years.

Guess what. This is without a single promotion. Let us talk about the Promotions now to get a better idea about the long-term work life balance.

Besides, It is a fact that you are going to work hard during your job and get promoted from time to time as well. These promotions will also increase your salary over a period of time.

A good starting point would be to assess your current situation with regards to your strengths and weaknesses through a free RBI Grade B Mock Test.

RBI Grade B Promotions

In addition to salary, the potential for promotions also plays a significant role in attracting prospective applicants. Career progression plays a vital role in the job search of each and every individual.

‘Grade B’ Officers get promoted (with updated designations) in the following series:

    • Manager 
    • Assistant General Manager 
    • Deputy General Manager 
    • General Manager 
    • Chief General Manager 
    • Principal Chief General Manager 
    • Executive Director 
    • Deputy Governor  
    • Governor
RBI Grade B Promotions

At this point, if you are truly interested in becoming an RBI Grade B Manager you should check out the syllabus and the exam pattern to start your preparation.

I have provided an image of a genuine salary slip below, for your reference. The salary slip is as per the latest changes, i.e., it is as per the official notification of previous year of 2024.


On this page, we have discussed everything you need to know regarding the RBI Grade B officer salary 2024 which includes salary structure, perks, allowances, all of which will help you understand the compensation provided by the RBI to the selected candidates.

Knowing all these factors will help you understand how lucrative salary of RBI Grade B officer is. With that, I wish you all the best for future.

Best of luck and Keep Learning!!

CEO of Anujjindal.in

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Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

FAQs: RBI Grade B Officer Salary, Perks & Emoluments

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the basic pay of RBI Grade B Officer? 

    The basic pay of a Grade B Officer in the Reserve Bank of India is Rs. 55,200/month. Apart from the basic pay, the RBI Grade B salary includes various perks, benefits and allowances. The salary of an officer increases as the recruit gains experience in the organization. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the CTC of RBI Grade B Officer?

    As per the revised salary mentioned in the official RBI Grade B in the previous notification 2024. The total CTC of RBI Grade B officer can vary between 20 to 24 Lacs per annum. However, the CTC of RBI Grade B officer varies depending on the place of posting, i.e., it is different for metro cities and rural postings. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What perks are given to a Grade B Officer apart from the RBI Grade B Salary?

    Answer: Apart from the prescribed RBI Grade B salary, an officer is also entitled to receive various perks and benefits. These perks and benefits are a huge luxury compared to what the rest of the jobs in the market have to offer and should make your resolve to achieve your goal of becoming an RBI Grade B officer even stronger. Written below are the various perks and benefits given to an Officer apart from RBI Grade B Salary: 

    • Back Accommodation 
    • Medical Allowance 
    • Leave Fare Concession 
    • Furnishing of Residence 
    • Miscellaneous Allowance (Fuel, Furniture, etc.) 
    • 1984 Riot Victims – 5 years 
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is the RBI Grade B officer Salary during training?
    The basic pay of an RBI Grade B officer is Rs 55, 200. Together with perks and allowances, the gross monthly pay becomes Rs. 1,16,914/-. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is HRA and DA for RBI Grade B Officer?
    While the basic pay is Rs 55,200, the dearness allowance is 43% of the basic pay. An RBI Grade B officer is most likely to get 2/3 BHK house as accommodation. In case someone is not allotted a flat, the RBI provides handsome pay for accommodation.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What is in Hand salary of RBI Grade B officer?
    As per the revised 7th Pay Commission, while the gross monthly salary is Rs. 1, 08, 404. After total deductions of Rs. 26, 436 from the gross salary, the in – hand salary of a RBI Grade B officer is Rs. 81, 968.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the allowances provided to RBI Grade B officers?
    The RBI Grade B salary includes not just basic pay but also allowances. These allowances are as follows: 

    • Dearness Allowances 
    • House – Rent Allowance 
    • Medical Allowance 
    • Conveyance Allowance 
    • Education Allowance 
    • Fuel Allowance 
    • Briefcase Allowance 
    • Bank Loan Facility etc.

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