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UGC NET Strategy for Paper I, Commerce and Management

Topics Covered: UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 Preparation Strategy, Study Plan for Paper 1, Paper 2 Commerce & Paper 2 Management and Tips to Effectively Revise Important Topics

Clearing the exam for UGC NET is an aspiration amongst students who see themselves progress in fields of research as well as teaching.

Owing to its difficulty level and competent nature, the exam is no less than a challenging one. Though the vastness of the syllabus makes it slightly difficult yet with an effective UGC NET preparation strategy it is very much possible to crack this examination.

Coming to subjects like Commerce and Management, aspirants are required to not only work hard but also study smart. As the syllabus for both these subjects is vast, an efficient preparation strategy along with comprehensive study plan would help cover topics from these subjects extensively.

Therefore, a thorough understanding of the syllabus is extremely crucial for candidates before they begin their preparation journey. Aside from that, checking previous year question papers and solving mocks would also help in understanding the nature of examination.

If you are aspiring to crack UGC NET examination in subjects of commerce and management, you can take a look at the preparation strategy that I have curated for the same as well as a detailed UGC NET study plan for commerce and management  to help you cover the topics from the syllabus effectively.

As mentioned above, since the syllabus for UGC NET commerce as well as management is extremely vast, it is important to cover most of the topics and this study plan will help you dedicate your time and efforts to not just cover the syllabus but also ace this examination.

Table of Content – UGC NET Strategy for Commerce and Management

Preparation Strategy: UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2

For paper 1 and paper 2 of UGC, there are some common tips; you can take a note of. Hence, to prepare better for the exam, you can look at the following tips as part of your UGC NET preparation strategy:

    • Go through the syllabus diligently – Firstly, it’s important to know the syllabus thoroughly. Therefore, go through the UGC NET syllabus and download it directly from the website. Take a printout of the syllabus and stick it in front of your study table. To check the syllabus for papers of management and commerce, you can click on UGC NET Management and Commerce syllabus
    • Read the topics in a systematic manner – Keeping in mind the tough competition and success rate which is less than 1%, you need to prepare in timely and systematic manner.We have provided below a detailed 6-month UGC NET preparation strategy which will be beneficial even for aspirants who are working or pursuing their masters in college and with the help of this preparation strategy you can easily prepare for this exam by dedicating 4-5 hours a day for 6 months.
    • Consistent revision is a must – Along with the UGC NET study plan, I am also sharing some revision tips which I explain in detail later as revision is extremely important for this exam. The more you revise, better will be your command over the subjects. 
      It is difficult to remember every concept or detail we study. Therefore, revision becomes crucial because it’s not about the number of facts can you remember but how effectively you can memorize key concepts during examination.
    • Taking mock tests is a must To test your knowledge pertaining to a particular subject, practicing mock tests within time limit would surely help you get familiarized with real exam environment. Aside from that, practicing previous year questions would help in knowing nature of questions that are asked in the exam.
    • Have a concise list of books- As plenty of books available in the market, it becomes crucial to have reliable booklist for effective revision and better understanding. So, to help in your preparation for UGC NET in subjects of commerce and management, you can check the recommended booklist for UGC NET commerce and management subjects. 

Keeping all these things in mind, let’s move on to detailed UGC NET strategy to cover paper 1 syllabus of the exam.

UGC NET Paper 1 – Study Plan

1. Reading Comprehension – It’s easy to score in reading comprehension with adequate practice. Hence, you just need 5 days to prepare and practice at least 10 mocks on reading comprehension to increase your speed of answering the questions correctly.

2. Data Interpretation – Considered as one of the scoring subjects, it entails questions from concepts like percentage, ratio, average, unitary method. If you lack basic knowledge or have little command over these concepts, then you can download the ncerts on mathematics from classes 6 to 8 to effectively cover the basics. You would need 4 days to cover the topics and 1 day to practice mcqs.

3. Teaching, Research Aptitude, Logical Reasoning + Indian Logic – you need 4 days each to prepare for these 3 subjects respectively and 3 days to practice mcqs as much as possible of these concepts for efficient practice.

4. Communication – it entails questions from topics like types of communications, barriers to communications, formal and informal communication, models of communications. 4 days are adequate to prepare and 1 day to practice mcqs as much as possible.

5. Higher Education – there are a lot of factual questions that are generally asked from current affairs. For example, the news regarding national education policy (NEP), NIRF or QS ranking are frequently discussed under higher education. Hence stay updated with current news linked to policies regarding education. Keep 4 days for revision of current affairs and one day for practicing mcqs.

6. Mathematical Reasoning – Since it’s a topic that comes under quant section, it is becomes important to gain conceptual clarity under this topic and then practice as many mocks as possible to increase your speed and accuracy.

7. People and Environment and ICT – Since these two topics are factual in nature and lot of questions are generally asked from current affairs, read as much as possible. Read on these two topics for 4 days each and then devote 1 day each for practicing mcqs from these topics.

A total of 50 days are required to cover the topics from paper 1 and then devote 5 days for practicing full-fledged mocks of paper 1. After a thorough analysis of the mocks, identify your strong and weak areas and work on improving them accordingly.

Therefore, in total 55 days, you will be able to complete paper 1 syllabus thoroughly. Along with the syllabus, an in depth understanding the exam pattern is also crucial. In case you haven’t checked the exam pattern yet, you can click on UGC NET Exam pattern to know better.

Now, that we have discussed the UGC NET Paper 1 preparation plan, let’s move on to UGC NET paper 2 study plan. Regarding the paper 2, we shall be discussing optional subjects of commerce and management.

UGC NET Paper 2 Commerce – Study Plan

The syllabus for commerce paper is characterized by its vastness and the topics included in the same are theoretical in nature. This UGC NET Commerce study plan provided below will help you cover the topics in a systematic manner.

1. Business Environment + Economics – You need 3 days to prepare for these two subjects and 2 days to practice mcqs.

2. HRM + OB – You need 7 days to study these 2 concepts and 3 days to practice mcqs.

3. Financial Management + Finance – Topics like evaluation of equity shares, evaluation of debt, portfolio management, risk return analysis are key concepts of core finance that are too important to be missed. You need 12 days to study and 3 days to practice mcqs.

4. Statistics – It is an important yet very scoring subject. You need 7 days for studying the topic and 3 days for mcqs.

5. Marketing and International Business – You need 7 days each to study the key concepts of these two topics respectively and 3 days each to practice mcqs from these two respectively.

6. Accounting + Auditing – You require 7 days to study accounting and 1 day for auditing and 2 days for practicing mcqs for each topic

7. Banking and Financial Institutions – Since it’s a factual topic, you would require reading as much as possible. You would need 7 days to study the concepts and 3 days to practice mcqs.

8. Taxation – You can skip the topic of numericals as questions regarding numericals are rarely asked in the mcqs. You need 7 days to study the concepts and 3 days to practice mcqs.

9. Legal Environment – It entails a lot of questions from the topic of laws, companies act, partnership acts, and information act. You need 7 days to read through the topics and 3 days to practice mcqs.

Lastly, give 10 days to practice 10 full length paper 2 mock tests to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Assess your weak areas and work on improving them. It will take 110 days to complete the preparation for paper 2 commerce.

Along with all this, to prepare effectively for this paper, you can check the free UGC NET commerce free material  which includes sources that help you in better understanding of the topics from the commerce subject.

UGC NET Paper 2 Management – Study Plan

Talking about the subject of Management, the candidates are required to study theory as well as solve numericals  in order to score decently in the paper.  To help you with that, this UGC NET Management study plan will provide an insight on the number of days required to cover the syllabus. Along with that, it will help you revise the topics strategically and in an effective manner.

1. Eco – you need 3 days to study and 2 days to practice mocks

2. HRM + OB + BM – you would need 7 days to prepare for HRM, 5 days for OB and 3 days for completing BM as well as for practicing mocks.

3. Financial Management + Finance – you would need 12 days to prepare and 3 days to practice mcqs

4. Statistics, Marketing and International Business – you would need 7 days to prepare the concepts from these topics and 3 days to practice mcqs.

5. Management Accounting – there are practical as well as theoretical case studies from topics like standard costing, process costing from the chapter of management accounting. You need 7 days to prepare and 3 days to practice mcqs

6. Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance and Ethics – since they are factual in nature and questions asked from policies, legal frameworks, hence read as much as possible. You would require 7 days to prepare for each subject and 3 days each to practice mocks as much as possible.

Now that you are done with paper 2 syllabus, practice at least 10 full length mock tests for 10 days.  You can check and download the previous year question papers for UGC NET Managment to go through and understand the type of questions asked in the examination. 

Practice them thoroughly and analyse your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. You would need approximately 110 days to complete paper 2 syllabus for management.  Apart from this, you can refer to UGC NET Management free study material 

While for paper 1 you need a total 55 days and 110 days for paper. Hence, for paper 1 & 2 you need total 165 days to complete the entire syllabus.  For another 15 days previous year papers and full-length mock tests. Along with that, revise in an effective manner as much as possible. 

Now, that we have discussed the UGC NET strategy for Paper 2 Management.

Tips To Effectively Revise Important Topics

Now, that we have discussed in depth the study plan regarding UGC NET examination for subjects of commerce and management. It important for candidates to understand that consistent revision plays a crucial role in cracking this examination. Considering the fact there are various topics to cover under the syllabus for these subjects, here are some tips that help you in revise the topics in a strategic and effective manner:

  • Start with the easiest subject – Confidence is the key to cracking this exam and so start off with easiest subjects before moving on advanced topics in order to boost your confidence.
  • Identify the keywords and mnemonics – In order to effectively revise, use keywords and mnemonics to retain factual details as they are extremely easy to remember and help in recalling information at right time.
  • Use diagrams and maps – Instead of writing lengthy notes, you can consolidate and concise information by using diagrams and maps. As our mind processes information through pictures, diagrams assist in boosting our visual memory. It helps in breaking down complex concepts by making easy illustrations.
  • Keep revising in short intervals – Make sure to keep revising the key topics or concepts after short gaps. For eg – if you done with studying economics in January, then make sure you revise economics in 1st week of February.
  • Use questions for testing the conceptual clarity – After reading a particular topic or concept, the simple way to know your profiency in that particular subject is to test yourself. Practice mock tests after you done with a topic to assess your understanding of that particular topic. Analyze your weak and strong areas and work accordingly to minimize your shortcomings.

With this, I hope you have gained insights regarding UGC NET strategy to prepare well for the exam.  

To assess your proficiency over the subjects, you can refer to mock tests for UGC NET Commerce and Management which will help you familiarize with the type of questions that are asked in the exam.


To summarize, I have discussed everything you need to know about the UGC NET preparation strategy, which includes tips and techniques to prepare your best.

I have also provided a detailed study plan for UGC NET Paper 1 and Paper 2 subjects in Commerce and Management to help you cover the syllabus within much less time.

I hope this extensive information will help you qualify the exam. With this, I wish you all the best for the future. 

Be focussed and stay motivated!! 

CEO of Anujjindal.in

About Anuj Jindal


Anuj Jindal, the founder, is an ex-manager from SBI, with an M.Com from Delhi School of Economics. He also has a JRF in Commerce & Management and NET in HRM, along with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Education.

FAQs: UGC NET Strategy for Commerce and Management

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How to start preparation for UGC NET commerce?

    To crack UGC NET commerce, you need adopt a smart strategy to effectively cover the syllabus and to help you with that, you can check preparation strategy along with UGC NET commerce study plan provided above.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How should I prepare for UGC NET management?

    It is important for aspirants to cover the topics for UGC NET management extensively and to help you with that, you can check the preparation strategy along with UGC NET Management study plan provided above.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    What are the best books for UGC NET Commerce preparation?

    Some of the best books for UGC NET Commerce are Business Organization & Management by T.N. Chhabra, Business Statistics by ND Vohra and Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management by R.P. Rustagi. For complete booklist for commerce subject, you can click on UGC NET Commerce booklist. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Can I solve previous year papers to study for the UGC NET Management?

    Yes, solving previous year papers is extremely crucial while preparing for UGC NET Management as it will help in understanding the nature of exam better. You can check and download the Previous year papers of UGC NET Management to prepare for commerce subject comprehensively. 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Are 3 months sufficient to prepare for UGC NET commerce?

    With efficient preparation strategy and right guidance, it is possible to crack UGC NET examination for commerce. While a dedicated period of three months is sufficient to prepare for UGC NET Commerce syllabus, you can check the detailed study plan mentioned above which provides in depth information regarding the number of days required to cover the UGC NET Commerce syllabus. 

    To know more about the nature of the exam, you can check UGC NET Commerce Previous year question papers 

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Do I need to have a detailed study timetable to prepare for UGC NET Management?

    To effectively prepare for UGC NET Management, you need to maintain daily study schedule and to help you with that a detailed study timetable to cover UGC NET Management syllabus has been provided above.  


  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    In how many days can I prepare for UGC NET Paper 1?

    To prepare effectively for UGC NET Paper 1, you need to devote at least 50 days to ensure completion of the syllabus. Additionally, 5 days are required for you to dedicate time to practice mock tests. Therefore, a total of 55 days are needed to comprehensively prepare for Paper 1.

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